About me.

I was born in Ljubljana, on April 11th, 1994. I’ve been living in Vrbnje near Radovljica all my life. I started to attend kindergarten at the age of three, and at seven I started going to elementary school in Radovljica.

Domen Škofic
Professional climber


I live in a family where it was clear since the beginning that I will be involved in sports. The question was just what will attract me most. I became acquainted with sport climbing in my first year at school, when I was inspired by my friend. Before I started climbing, I used to ski a lot, as my brother was an excellent skier. But, as the climbing became more serious, there was not enough time or will for skiing anymore.

At the age of 14 I became a member of Slovenia youth climbing team which meant that climbing was already “the thing in my life”. A year later I climbed my first 9a in the rock and with the age of 15 I became one of the youngest in the world to do so. I also finished Primary school in Radovljica and I enrolled in sports high school in Jesenice which made me the possibility to climb and compete as much as possible and still manage to do all the tests. With the end of high school came also the farewell from “youth national team”, but at that time I was already for three years a member of senior team because of my performance in the youth, where I reached all possible titles. Afterwards I signed in for Sports University but after a half year of study my climbing goals got even higher and had so many that it became hard to handle both at the same time, as the university required way to much presence at lectures. I wasn’t allowed to attend test with my low presence so I had to make a hard decision… My final call was to become a professional climber. Since then I did many renowned projects with my sponsors (LINK), climbed many world-class routes in rock (LINK) and stood on the podium of senior World Cup eight times, once on the very top (LINK).

Climbing for me is a way of life, it’s my joy and relaxation, not a load, which some find hard to believe…